Fisher Boy® is the only brand of frozen seafood that is completely committed to bringing fun to you and your family in everything we do. To help us deliver our message of fun, we’re introducing Telly® the Pelican as our official “Spokesbird.”

Fisher Boy® offers a complete line of delicious breaded seafood products that are fun to eat and a great way to bring a family together at the table. Always a great value, Fisher Boy® helps today’s busy meal planner put a convenient, nutritious meal on the table any day of the week.

The History of High Liner

High Liner Foods Incorporated, one of North America’s largest processors and marketers of superior quality seafood products, is the parent company of the Fisher Boy® brand. For more than 100 years, High Liner has been traveling the world to bring premium quality seafood – like that found today in brands such as High Liner®, Sea Cuisine™, and Fisher Boy® – to your table.

The company’s earliest pride grew from the legend of the “High Liner.” According to seafaring tradition dating back to the 1850s, the term “High Liner” described the most respected captains in the fleet, whose intimate knowledge of the sea led them around the world to find the best catch of the day. The ship with the largest catch rode the lowest in the water, creating the highest water line on the ship — hence the praise of being known as a “High Liner.”

Today, High Liner Foods Inc. continues to maintain those traditions of excellence and will settle for nothing less than bringing you only the highest-quality seafood. To learn more, visit www.highlinerfoodsusa.com.