Why is Seafood Smart Food?

Experts agree that eating seafood twice a week can do wonders for your health. Fish contains the powerful polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3s. The only way to get Omega-3s is through the food that you eat; your body can’t produce them on its own. So, get smart and serve seafood at least twice a week.

Smart for…


It’s no surprise that research shows that Omega-3s may play an important role in a child’s:
BRAIN development;
HEART health.

Seafood really is smart food!

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Studies have shown that Omega-3s may help your:
HEART by lowering your risk of heart disease;
BODY by relieving joint pain;
BRAIN by reducing memory loss.


The Truth about Shrimp

This little seafood has gotten a big reputation for being high in cholesterol. Not true! Shrimp-lovers rejoice — research has shown that the high percentages of “good fats” in shrimp actually reduce the impact of cholesterol. Visit eatshrimp.com to learn more.